Tapping is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Here’s How It Can Help YOU!

What is EFT? Emotional Freedom Technique  is the new therapy for the 21st century as it is a very safe way to get rid of anxiety, stress, and feelings of guilt and overwhelm that lots of parents suffer from. It is based on tapping different Chinese meridian lines with your fingers – and you’ve probably […]

Unleashing Powerhouses: Embracing the Spirit of Self-Willed Children

Having strong-willed children can be challenging but there are lots of pros if you reframe your language & mindset around it! Here are some pros to having strong-willed children: Independence and Leadership: Strong-willed children often exhibit a strong sense of independence and leadership qualities from an early age. They are self-motivated, confident & have a […]

The 6 P’s of Perfect Speech.

As a public speaker I often take a few minutes after a presentation to think about how it went. There are the 6 Ps of presentation skills – pace, pitch, power, pronunciation, passion and, perhaps the most powerful of all – pause. This got me pondering today about the way we speak to toddlers. 1. […]

Books for Preparing Toddlers for New Babies.

As part of my new Positive Toddler Roadmap I give lots of practical advice around how to handle a new baby with your toddler as it is a big moment in their lives –  as they have to adjust to perhaps not being the centre of your world now a new baby has arrived. Here […]

The Ultimate Guide To Parenting Toddlers

In this episode: Why Do Toddlers Have Tantrums and Meltdowns and 4 BRILLIANT Tips for Handling Them! Whining, Crying, Kicking and Biting – Hacks To Help How To Survive Your Toddler’s “NO!” phase! 7 Genius Comebacks for When Your Toddler Asks ‘Why?’ All The Time 10 Potty Pointers to Make Toilet Training A Breeze? Sue […]

How Do I Stop My Child from Biting? Positive Hacks to Handle It!

In this episode: 10 Ways to STOP Guilt – The Biggest Gremlin of Parenting. The ABC of Potty Training Video Series WIN This Month’s Book Gift Bundle! ‘My Skin Your Skin’ ‘Bernie and Boatie’ and The Can Do Kid’s Journal: Discover Your Confidence Superpower!  from #TheSueAtkinsBookClub  

Make it Count: A Guide for Parents and Carers on Children’s Mental Health

A rather grim & growing report from Sky News has suggested that COVID-19 has created a crisis for ‘years to come’ – as  lockdowns have put children under ‘unprecedented’ levels of distress Sky News is given unique access to a child and adolescent mental health trust to see first hand the crises children are facing. […]