Books for Preparing Toddlers for New Babies.

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As part of my new Positive Toddler Roadmap I give lots of practical advice around how to handle a new baby with your toddler as it is a big moment in their lives –  as they have to adjust to perhaps not being the centre of your world now a new baby has arrived.

Here are some lovely books to help to have those big conversations with little people.

Whether you are just about to tell your toddler there is a baby on the way or have already welcomed your new bundle of joy, these books will help young children cope with the arrival of a sibling. But be warned, talking to toddlers about new babies can raise some tricky questions about how the baby got into Mummy’s tummy in the first place – so you might also want to check out some books about talking to your toddler about sex too! ?

What’s in Your Tummy Mummy? Sam Lloyd

What’s in Your Tummy Mummy? is a lovely lift-the-flap book which is perfect for younger children who need a gentle introduction to the idea that there is a baby inside mum’s tummy. Funny and charming, with lovely illustrations and rhymes, it’s a real pleasure to read and snuggle up to.

Itty bitty newborn Polly Zielonka

Itty bitty newborn is the first in the ‘All About Babies’ series that also includes ‘When will baby play?’ and ‘Curious and Crawling.’ The series looks at what babies can and can’t do at different ages so is really good for helping your toddler understand learning to adjust to life with of a new baby – that gets lots of mum and dads attention yet can’t play or talk and  just does a lot of crying!

We’re Having A Baby. Adapting To A New Baby by Campbell Books

This is a very practical board book which is great for introducing younger toddlers to what to expect around the time of the birth. Where will Mummy go? Who will look after them? What will happen when Mummy comes back with the baby? All the nuts and bolts of what happens around the time of having a new addition to the family.



My New Baby

There is so much to find out when a baby is born! What does it smell like, and when will it walk? When does it sleep, and what does it like to eat?

A new addition to any family is exciting, but the experience can also be worrying and confusing for siblings. Coping with the new situations and emotions that arise can be very challenging. This series of four board books deals with the anticipation of waiting for the new baby, the excitement of the arrival itself, and the beginnings of the special relationship that develops between siblings. The simple conversational text and lively illustrations are carefully designed to encourage further dialogue between reader and child.

This series of four board books (Waiting for Baby (New Baby), My New Baby, You and Me! (New Baby) and Look at Me! (New Baby)) will accompany your child through the whole journey of pregnancy, the arrival of a new baby and becoming an older sibling with all the trials and rewards that those changes


Cute As A Button Carrie Hennon 

How can a new baby be “cute as a button?” A heart-warming story about an older sibling struggling to understand a grown-up’s description of their new baby sister.


I am a Big Brother Coloring and Activity Book For Kids: Perfect Gift for the Older Sibling when Mummy Having the New Baby! by happy siblings house

Perfect Gift For New Big Brothers and  for New Big Sisters!

This Colouring and Activity Big Brother / Sister Book is great when an older brother  or sister is getting ready for an expanding family. In this time your little boy  or little girl needs extra tender loving care to adjust to a new family situation. So you can give them a positive activity book with adorable pictures to colour in and make your toddler feel special and loved.

Inside you will find colouring pages, mazes, spot differences, and more!

So give your child quality time to express themselves creatively and evoke love for their new sibling!


You Were the First by Patricia MacLachlan & Stephanie Graegin

Newbery Medal winner Patricia MacLachlan’s lyrical text combines with Stephanie Graegin’s intimate illustrations in a heartwarming story celebrating first-borns and the unforgettable joy they bring.

Topsy and Tim: The New Baby Jean Adamson

It’s hard for young children to imagine what having a real baby will actually be like. Topsy and Tim: The New Baby introduces toddlers and preschoolers to some of the realities to expect after the baby arrives – including breastfeeding, baby bath time, and sleeping arrangements. A great launchpad for opening up conversations about jealousy, changes and new routines.

I’m a Big Sister / I’m a Big Brother Joanna Cole

Told through the eyes of a new big sister / new big brother, I’m a Big Sisterand I’m a Big Brother explore the ups and downs of having a new sibling and help to reassure your child that s/he is still loved and special. A good book for prompting conversations about how your child feels once the new baby has arrived.

the twins’ friend Tony has a new baby brother called Jack. At first Tony is a bit jealous of the new baby but he soon learns how to be a helpful big brother.

A trusted and well-loved pair who can help guide parents and children through ‘first experiences’, Topsy and Tim books have been beautifully updated with contemporary artwork.

Whose Toes are Those?  Board book

A vibrant, multicultural board book that celebrates baby’s sweet toes.



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