7 Great Additional Needs Toys For Christmas

This year I’ve made a lovely new friend in Georgina Durrant ( listen to our fabulous interview on my parenting podcast )who writes a wonderful blog for parents of children with Special Needs called The SEN Resources Blog It’s BURSTING with advice, learning activities and recommended toys, books and resources for children with SEN. Do head over […]

Kids and Teenagers With ADHD and the Christmas Holidays. Jingle Bells or Jingle Hell?

    I found an interesting article on Health Central about Teenagers finding the change in routine very stressful around the Christmas  holiday time. Here are some tips to help you get through the holiday period when you have a teenager with ADHD: Plan out their holiday homework. Once your child reaches secondary school, teachers often assign […]

A Social Story To Help Autistic Children Cope With Losing.

Some children with autism may find it very difficult to control their emotions when they don’t win in a game, quiz, or activity. Of course, everyone likes to win at games, but it is so much harder for children on the autism spectrum. Social Stories can help autistic children develop their social skills and handle […]

Vampires at the Nursery! Why Do Toddlers Bite?

  Biting! Vampires ???? at the Nursery ! Biting amongst little ones is a distressing but common problem for parents. But why do toddlers bite and how can you prevent it? Why toddlers bite. I think it’s really helpful to understand why your toddler may start biting before you start trying to change their behaviour. […]

The Oops Plan – When Perfect Plans Plummet!

  You know when your plans don’t always go according to plan? You know ‘the best laid plans of mice and men’ scenario when even with the most careful planning things don’t necessarily work out the way you thought? You know that moment when your kids are tired, overwhelmed, frustrated, striving for more independence or […]

#TipsandScripts: Change ‘If’ to ‘When’ & Transform Your Home Harmony!

#TipsandScripts One really simple tip I use with lots of parents I coach is to change ‘If….’ to ‘When….’ So instead of saying: ‘If you brush yourself teeth you can have story’ Say: ‘When you’ve brushed your teeth you can choose a story’ Voila! Simple, quick & easy – works like magic  every time! Just for […]

Books for Preparing Toddlers for New Babies.

As part of my new Positive Toddler Roadmap I give lots of practical advice around how to handle a new baby with your toddler as it is a big moment in their lives –  as they have to adjust to perhaps not being the centre of your world now a new baby has arrived. Here […]


  As part of my TODDLER Roadmap I talk about fussy eaters, faddy eaters or picky eaters – depending where you live in the world, but what is certain is that parents around the globe worry about their toddler’s eating habits! So, reading about food is one of the best ways to get little ones […]

Parenting Sunshine Using Your Head, Your Heart & Your Gut ☀️

Did you know you have three brains? Bet that surprised you! You might have read that Neuroscience now tells us that we each have three brains. The one we most often think about and pay attention to is the “head” or cephalic brain. The heart (cardiac) and a gut (enteric) brain. Each has sensory neurons, motor […]

Make it Count: A Guide for Parents and Carers on Children’s Mental Health

A rather grim & growing report from Sky News has suggested that COVID-19 has created a crisis for ‘years to come’ – as  lockdowns have put children under ‘unprecedented’ levels of distress Sky News is given unique access to a child and adolescent mental health trust to see first hand the crises children are facing. […]

8 Must-Have Toys and Activities for Increasing Your Infant’s Developmental Skills

  Here’s a great list of appropriate activities that  will help to increase your little infant’s developmental skills around all the major skills from motor, social, emotional and language skills as recommended by Kevin Zoromski from Michigan State University. ‘Whenever you are looking for comfort objects and toys for infants, focus on items that enhance […]

How DO You Deal with A Fussy Eater?

In this episode: Teaching The ‘Skill’ of Friendship to Kids Who Always Fall Out The Do’s and Don’ts of Caring for Twins Sue in Conversation with Our Family Wizard the App making Co- Parenting Easier

What Is A Mentor?

In this episode: What Is A Mentor? Quick and Easy Bedwetting Solutions How The Down Syndrome Diary Is Helping Struggling Parents. Sue Atkins in Conversation with Sonia Livingstone – Author of ‘Parenting for a Digital Future – How Hopes and Fears about Technology Shape Children’s Lives.’

Is ‘Yes Day’ a Good Idea?

In this episode: Is ‘Yes Day’ a Good Idea? Has Gavin Williamson “misjudged” the mood in classrooms and homes across the country? Is Tik-Tok Safe for Kids? plus Sue Atkins in Conversation with Lynn McAllister Author of Pixie Van Dimple and the Wrong Kind of Artificial Intelligence