Obama: Being a dad is sometimes my hardest job

President Obama says being a dad is sometimes his hardest job, but also the most rewarding. Just ahead of Father’s Day, the president devoted his Saturday radio and Internet address to fatherhood. He talked about growing up without a dad, his own failings as a father and the values he hopes to teach his daughters […]

I miss you Dad.

  The death of my dad nearly 7 years ago made me look back over our lives together and reflect on what I truly loved and respected about him. He made such a difference—not only in my life, but to all the people he met. He was charismatic, kind, compasionate and great fun to be with. Then […]

Dad makes an apology on behalf of his kids…

I am talking tomorrow on BBC radio Tees at 9.15 about a Dad who  has expressed his shame after two boys – aged eight and nine – were spoken to by police investigating a suspected arson attack that destroyed a doctors’ surgery. Here’s the article taken from The Northern Echo – what do you think – would […]

The Sue Atkins Inspiring Sunday Saying

I have just been coaching a really fabulous Dad  called Steve who wants to propel his business up to the next level and this just popped into my mind so I thought I would share it with you too! “Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.” Kenny Rogers Singer and […]

A Dad’s Point of View

I was interviewed by Prima Baby Magazine yesterday about how Dad’s can get more involved with their children as the dreaded Credit Crunch has put a strain on Dad’s working longer hours and not getting home in time to see their children. My suggestion was to just grab a cup of coffee and relax and […]

Elderly Parents

I took my Auntie Betty out on Tuesday as she had a stroke last November and doesn’t go very far these days. We went for a stroll in Dulwich Park and had lunch in the Pavilion Café. It was special. I used to play with my cousins on Sunday afternoons in Dulwich Park with my […]