Dad makes an apology on behalf of his kids…

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I am talking tomorrow on BBC radio Tees at 9.15 about a Dad who  has expressed his shame after two boys – aged eight and nine – were spoken to by police investigating a suspected arson attack that destroyed a doctors’ surgery.

Here’s the article taken from The Northern Echo – what do you think – would you be brave enough to do the same?

“Calling himself “So So Sorry, of Spennymoor”, the father of one of the boys wrote on The Northern Echo’s website: “To say I am in the deepest shock does not even start to cover what has happened.”

Adan House medical surgery, in Spennymoor, County Durham, will have to be rebuilt after the fire ripped through its roof on Saturday night.

Last night, a spokesman for Durham Police said: “Police have interviewed two children, aged eight and nine, in relation to the arson attack – and although they are under the age of criminal responsibility, police are looking to take further action with other agencies and their families.”

Earlier, the unnamed father posted a heartfelt apology to the town on behalf of his son on

He expressed his family’s shock and shame at the youngster’s role in the fire at the St Andrew’s Medical Practice, which provides health care services for about 10,000 patients in and around the town.

“My words will not begin to cover the shame my son has brought to our house, let alone the disruption to the people of Spennymoor,” he wrote.

“I know my words will not make amends to the people of Spennymoor or the staff of the surgery, I can only wholeheartedly and sincerely offer an apology.

“I will be making sure my son fully understands his utterly thoughtless actions and the consequences caused to the people of Spennymoor.

“My only consolation is that nobody got physically hurt, but I feel Spennymoor will feel the hurt of this tragedy for a long while.

“Once more, I offer on behalf of my son, our heartfelt apologies.”

He told The Northern Echo he had visited the scene and was appalled and disgusted, and that his son was beginning to realise the severity and dangerousness of his actions.

He said he was making his son write a full apology – and the boy had been writing it for the past two hours.

Durham Police and County Durham and Darlington Fire and Rescue have launched a joint investigation into the fire.

Police confirmed they were not looking for anybody else in connection with the incident.

About 25 firefighters from Spennymoor, Bishop Auckland and Durham City were deployed at 6pm on Saturday, and at one point they feared oxygen cylinders inside could be ignited.

The surgery was closed at the time, but the nearby Asda supermarket had to be evacuated to ensure the safety of staff and customers.

Steve Owers, of Durham and Darlington Fire and Rescue, said: “The fire quickly spread through the roof void and took about two-and-half hours to control.”

Mr Owers said that although about 35 per cent of the building was saved and some things may be salvageable, the blaze damaged at least 80 per cent of the roof. Health bosses met to establish replacement services for the area. They have urged the public to call the surgery only for urgent matters in the immediate future.

A spokesman said: “In the case of chest pain or collapse, ring 999. Alternatively, call the urgent care centre on 0300- 111-0111 or advice can be obtained from NHS direct on 0845-4647. Plans are in place to offer patient care from alternative accommodation.”

How do you teach your children to take 100% responsibilty for their mistakes and to LEARN from them?

How do you pass on your values?

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