I miss you Dad.

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"Look at the camera Dad" - the best Dad in our house !

The death of my dad nearly 7 years ago made me look back over our lives together and reflect on what I truly loved and respected about him.

He made such a difference—not only in my life, but to all the people he met. He was charismatic, kind, compasionate and great fun to be with.

Then it came to me, walking my dogs one day. The most precious gifts he had given me were self- esteem, self confidence and self belief. The ability to believe in myself whatever the circumstances.

And now as I reflect on  what Father’s Day means to me,  and to my children,  I thank my Dad for that belief in me as it has obviously  led to my passion to help parents, throughout the world, to give that precious and important gift to their children.

My passion is to pass self esteem on – like a ripple in a pond so children everywhere, regardless of their race, colour, background or family circumstances can grow up happy, confident, well -balanced adults – today’s children but tomorrow’s future -free from the crippling effects of low self esteem, self doubt and lack of self confidence.

My Dad never read any of my books, heard me on  BBC Radio or saw me on BBC TV  or even shared my excitement of  walking up Downing Street to the Christmas Party in support of the Million Mums Campaign

But today as I reflect on what being a Father means to kids around the world I will think of my Dad and remember my Dad’s favourite phrase “Life is what you make it!”

And I want you to believe in the beauty of your dreams – whatever they may be, and to feel inspired  to  encourage, believe in and support your children to raise their expectations of what they can achieve – life has no limitations – only the ones you put around yourself !

I’d like to thank my long suffering husband Kevin who is a fantastic dad to our kids – he’s so kind, so tolerant, he runs them around, picks them up , brings in sweets when my daughter cheekily texts him on her iPhone when I’m not around, watches their football games, chats laughs and believes in our two great teenagers so I hope he enjoys our family meal out tonight as a small way to say “Thank you – you’re a great dad!”

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