Children’s wellbeing is closely bound to their parents’ wellbeing & that really important person is YOU.

As parents whether you are a single parent, a mum, dad or carer we all want to do what’s best to keep our children safe, fit and well.

However, it can be easy to forget about our own health and wellbeing. A positive attitude and a good social outlook encourage us all to have a healthy lifestyle & strong mental health.

Family life plays an important role in the wellbeing of both yourself as well as your children so doing active and creative things together can really boost happiness & wellbeing levels all round.

It’s important that you get some ‘Me Time’ as well as some ‘We Time’ if you are in a relationship, as well as ‘Our Time’ – where you all come together as a family regularly.

In this Parental Wellbeing Webinar, I share with you some of the best practices you can encourage in yourself to help improve the wellbeing of your whole family: