7 Great Additional Needs Toys For Christmas

This year I’ve made a lovely new friend in Georgina Durrant ( listen to our fabulous interview on my parenting podcast )who writes a wonderful blog for parents of children with Special Needs called The SEN Resources Blog It’s BURSTING with advice, learning activities and recommended toys, books and resources for children with SEN. Do head over […]

Topic of the month – ADHD

Managing ADHD Positively There are an estimated 365,000 children in Britain diagnosed as having ADHD (Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) which means they find it hard to concentrate, have extreme difficulty in sitting still, and find learning or concentrating very challenging too. These children are also very easily distracted and restless, have great difficulty remaining in their […]

Is it a good idea to exclude children as young as 5?

I’m speaking on BBC Radio Sheffield about the increase of young children being excluded from school from as young as 5. Recently I wrote about ‘School Readiness’ as this is a complex subject not easily dismissed by the taxi driver who said to me, ‘All they need is a good smack.’ Here is an article […]

10 Signs Your Child May Have Asperger Syndrome.

    I have written many chapters on Additional or Special Needs in my books but I thought this article from Moms Pop Sugar was helpful to share with you: Asperger syndrome is a neurological disorder in the family of autism spectrum disorders. Because every child exhibits a different set of symptoms, there is no […]

Here’s 8 practical ways to encourage physical activity in children with Special Needs

With all the excitement around the Winter Olympics here is a helpful blog post from Love That Max – Special Needs Blog with some super simple top tips for encouraging inclusion in sports and activities from Barbara Oswald, Director of Youth Initiatives & Programme Development for Special Olympics in South Carolina. Read the full article […]

Have You Read – Autism Parenting Magazine ?

  Here is a wonderful magazine which will give you the best information for parenting a child with Autism, useful and practical parenting tips on special education with specific tips on behavioural issues & sensory processing. http://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/

Research backs Emma’s FACS battle

I am very proud to be an Ambassador for the Charity FACS. Here is an article on my friend Emma Murphy and her campaign for justice for the families affected by FACS Fetal Anti Convulsant Syndrome. One of my fellow special needs mums, whom I met over Twitter, Emma Murphy, is spearheading a campaign highlighting […]

Pills & Pregnancy – the truly shocking truth

k   As the shocking BBC Panorama report ‘Pills & Pregnancy’ hits the headlines – a campaign organised by  the very wonderful Emma Murphy  about the shocking truth about FACS Syndrome, I thought it would be helpful to  tell you about the Top 30 Autism Spectrum Blogs to give you support & help. Emma is […]

What is PDA?

I am currently working with a wonderful Mum who is absolutely exhausted and overwhelmed by her two adoptive children. She has raised children of her own but has always wanted to adopt and give to children, less fortunate than her own, a stable and loving home environment. But she had no idea how challenging both children […]

Can 20% of schoolchildren really have special needs?

As a former Deputy Head & class teacher for 22 years before becoming an author & broadcaster I am fascinated as the £5 billion budget for pupils with learning difficulties is rising fast – but is the money being used to cope with a new tide of poor parenting and failed teaching? I work in many […]

Parenting Special Needs Magazine FREE Subscription

Parenting Special Needs Magazine FREE Subscription. http://parentingspecialneeds.org/currentissue Click on cover to register this excellent magazine helps parents navigate the uncharted waters of raising a special needs child. It provides practical tips, shares life’s lessons, tackles the challenges and celebrates the joys of one of life’s greatest gifts. Covering all ages and stages of guiding children/Individuals […]