How a Positive Profile Poster can prevent children from being excluded from school.

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I’ve recently been working with a 10 year old who has been angry, out of control and frightened.

She has displayed challenging behaviour since  her days in Reception at the age of 5 and has learning difficulties, but with the help of her Learning Mentor at school and now working with me to create her own One Page Profile to support her learning, behaviour and  self esteem she is,I’m thrilled to say, making progress, and is far less frustrated generally at home and at school as she feels heard, understood and supported IN THE WAY SHE LIKES TO BE SUPPORTED.

She was definitely on the path to exclusion but using the Positive Profile and Emotional Freedom Technique or ‘Tapping’ she is far more relaxed, has more self control and concentration and is making progress emotionally.

She’s even making more friends at school and smiling more!

“Exclusion wastes money because it doesn’t solve the problem – it just moves it out of sight and out of mind. Kids that get excluded are condemned to fail.”
~ Sonia Sodha, an education expert at Demos.

Over 75 per cent of children who are excluded have special educational needs (SEN) and I believe developing a One Page Profile can certainly help a child celebrate what they get right and nurture their self esteem while putting in place ways to support them in the way they would like to be supported, both at home and at school.

A One Page Profile personalises their support while not giving away any of the schools’s authority.

I’m speaking about One Page Profiles at this weekend’s Sunday Times Festival of Education  as I see them as a new and innovative way to support children whether they are struggling at school, going through a divorce or in need of some some new ways of  changing their behaviour or habits.

A One Page Profile typically has three sections:

  1. an appreciation about your child – what they like about themselves and what other family members love, respect and admire about them
  2. What makes your child REALLY happy and is most important to them from their perspective
  3. How to support them at home, at school and in life generally in the way they like to feel support.

For a fuller explanation watch the video above to see how they work.

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