Dementia, Louis Theroux & making a documentary about children with autism.

I read with great interest this article in todays The Daily Telegraph as my mother in law has recently been diagnosed as having dementia and it has been very sad for my husband ringing up to hear slightly odd or disturbing stories about what has happened during each day. This article is a fascinatingly honest […]

19 Special Needs News Stories and Blog Posts from the past week

I enjoy exploring the world of Twitter and I discovered Among Friends which is a one stop portal into the world of people with special needs and the people who love them. You’ll hear from parents, siblings, volunteers, supporters, and even those with special needs themselves. Every Sunday, they select the week’s big special needs stories […]

The Top 10 Myths About ADHD

  Both girls and boys get ADHD, and people with ADHD can be very bright. There are lots of myths out there about this disorder, and science is finding the facts to dispel them. Read more  here on Every Day Health   Go and explore this EXCELLENT website called The Coffee Klatch which is dedicated to […]

The ABCs of Handwriting for Children with Special Needs.

  As a former deputy Head and class teacher for over 22 years I am still interested in how kids learn. So I read with interest today and article by Magda Girao about The ABCs of Handwriting for Children with Special Needs. Here is her article from The Friendship Circle blog. Though the use of […]

Do you have a child with special educational needs?

Ministers are due to unveil a major shake-up of special educational needs (SEN) support in England’s schools. Under the proposals, education and health care plans are set to replace statements, which detail the support children with the severest level of need can expect. The plans would be drawn up after a single assessment, rather than […]