FAST – Families and Schools Together

Help may be at hand for you if you are guilt-ridden, time-poor parents who always think you’re not quite up to the mark! Parenting is fantastic, rewarding and the most important job in the world but sometimes it’s tough, challenging and time-consuming. A new parenting technique called FAST could be the answer to stop you […]

The Sue Atkins Parenting Question To Ponder !

    Every week I post a parent coaching question for you to ponder. So grab a cup of coffee and a pen and jot down….. “What makes things difficult?” Now jot down one thing you can do this week to improve on just one of those problems. If you need a hand give me […]

You’re Not Supposed to be Your Kid’s Friend: My interview with Annie Fox.

We all want a close relationship with our children, but we make a huge mistake when we assume the way to get it is by becoming their friend instead of their parent. Annie talks with internationally respected parenting coach Sue Atkins about ways to have a loving parent-child bond while continuing to provide the discipline they need to grow […]

When homelife changes – finding a new path.

This family I began working with were struggling under the pressures of a divorce, a pending move, arguments and stressful exams. They needed support to rebuild their confidence & to learn to listen and hear each other more. Here’s my example of how one-page profiles can be used to support families experiencing divorce as part of the 100 […]

Question: Over to you now!

  Question: Over to you now! What are your best, little-known tools, tips and tricks that you like to use every day? I’d love your thoughts on this.

Scandal of Britain’s lazy parents.

As my regular readers will know I used to be a  Deputy Head teacher and  I also taught Reception  Class children starting school. So I was surprised to read about the rising number of children still in  nappies when they start primary school. Staff say they are increasingly forced to  disrupt classes to change pupils or […]

So are you a “Parensioner?”

I had a wonderful day yesterday as I was invited to discuss the fascinating new survey carried out by LV Insurance on 31 BBC Radio Stations around the UK  that discovered that 1 million people are waiting until they are in their 40s 50s and 60s before starting a family. They are joining a number of […]

How Do YOU Handle The Playground Mafia?

As regular readers know I used to be a Deputy Head and class teacher for 22 years and as a Mum too who used to stand outside the school gate waiting for my kids I used to overhear lots of gossip, mis – information and down right unkind comments sometimes. Here’s an article about what we […]

The parent saboteurs: How parents try to wreck their kid’s romances !

  I’m being interviewed today on BBC 5 Live about this article in The Daily Mail about parents interferring in their children’s relationships ! One in five parents admit they have secretly  tried to rid their children of a girlfriend or boyfriend of whom they  disapprove. Common tricks identified in a study include  stirring arguments […]