Divide your To Do List into 3 Categories: Essential, Important and Trivial.

I work with many stressed out parents struggling to balance their work/life balance and I created my Weighing up your work – life balance audio course  to give parents practical solutions, simple ideas and a fresh way to manage their time. I have written, talked and blogged a great deal  about Manic Mums and Dazed […]

Feel like it’s Groundhog Day? Try The Point of Control Strategy

  It’s October we’re into the new Autumn season of darker days colder evenings & more of the same. Digging deep, juggling & surviving the last 18 months has turned into that constant sense of Groundhog Day like bland music on a loop in an elevator. Maybe you were lucky & had a pleasant staycation, […]

Why R.A.I.N Can Help.

A couple of years ago, I discovered a 4-step mindfulness process that offers support for difficult days. It’s called RAIN (which is an acronym for the 4 steps of the process). Here are the 4 steps in brief R  ?? Recognise – what is happening. A  ?? Allow – life to be just as it is. I […]