Feel like it’s Groundhog Day? Try The Point of Control Strategy

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Posted by: Sue Atkins


It’s October we’re into the new Autumn season of darker days colder evenings & more of the same.

Digging deep, juggling & surviving the last 18 months has turned into that constant sense of Groundhog Day like bland music on a loop in an elevator.

Maybe you were lucky & had a pleasant staycation, but did it really recharge your batteries or just provide an interlude to regrouping and getting ready for what we all hoped would be a much easier New (or what I call the Next) Normal?

So many pandemic uncertainties still linger, and are you still feeling depleted in energy, drive & ‘get up and go?’

Which leaves you in a difficult place possibly asking yourself:

How can I face all of the changes in these coming months when I’m feeling this drained?

If that’s where your head is right now, you are not alone.

Every single one of the working mums and dads I’ve worked with recently have voiced some version of the “I’m running on empty” feeling.

What you can do:

Find your personal ‘Point of Control.’

This is one, small part of your life where you have complete control and where you can engage easily and often as that provides a real boost to your overall sense of wellbeing.

It might also be doing some form of simple exercise like walking the dog, emptying the dishwasher & putting things back in order in the kitchen, making yourself a decent cup of coffee each morning as a ‘Me Time’ ritual, meditating or reading. I took up painting by numbers as a way to relax, switch off & feel better.

What you do doesn’t matter as much as the ‘what this gives you.’

Amidst the ongoing and changing circumstances of the next few months, your point of control will help you to feel more like an in-control person & will help you feel more grounded, regardless of circumstances.

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