‘Bedtime Blessings’ – One of my simple techniques.

  ‘Bedtime Blessings’ is a simple habit I encourage the families that I work with, to embrace as it increases happiness. Recognising and acknowledging what goes well in our lives builds the simple habit of remembering good events and not taking them for granted. It also builds what I call ‘An Attitude of Gratitude’ as […]

Healthy, Wise & Amazing Women my latest book ……

I’m really proud to say that a book I contributed to called “Healthy, Wise & Amazing Women” is now one of Amazon’s best selling titles.  Read the “powerful and inspiring conversations with women living the life they dreamed of” which includes me ! Grab your copy now here  🙂 Here’s the  description of it : “A powerful […]

How can you make a difference today?

Khayelitsha, located near Cape Town, is the second largest township in South Africa with close to 1.5 million inhabitants. This is a world caught up in a spiral of poverty, despair and crime. The HIV/Aids infection rate is suspected to be at 40% and unemployment is a huge problem. Yet at the same time, Khayelitsha, […]