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I’m really proud to say that a book I contributed to called “Healthy, Wise & Amazing Women” is now one of Amazon’s best selling titles.  Read the “powerful and inspiring conversations with women living the life they dreamed of” which includes me !

Grab your copy now here  🙂

Here’s the  description of it :

“A powerful and inspiring conversation with women living the life they dreamed
of. Each of the authors share, in “live” intimate interviews, how they were able
to create their dreams while honoring their body, mind and soul — and for most
of them, while raising children. A diverse group of ladies from three different
countries discuss their personal life tragedies and triumphs. The most important
topics for women — married, single, divorced or widowed — are covered
thoroughly in this eBook.

There are far too many women who sacrifice their lives, values and dreams to raise their kids, or plainly, to just survive through life — when they don’t have too. Kids today need mothers who are living their values and dreams, not ones who put them on the back burner.

Women are inherently designed to live their values and dreams and feel amazing. The
women in this eBook have accomplished just that. Here they reveal their intimate
stories to inspire & empower you get started on your own path to embracing and becoming the Healthy, Wise & Amazing woman you already are.

Life truly is not about finding yourself or something outside of you; it’s about
co-creating with yourself. You too can be an amazing woman, feel sexy and pursue
your passions while being a mom, or a wife, a single woman.

It’s a 2011 must read for women. Heart-warming, raw and intimate stories from women who have risen above the odds and captured the pure essence of living an amazing

About the Author’s Chapters:

COACH CARL – Founder & CEO of Every Child Healthy Network. He leads camps for children, tweens and teens called Fit, Wise & Amazing Kids. For the past 11 years Carl has spent his life as a life and business coach working with doctors and their families in
the Unites States, Canada, India and Australia.

MARINA JACOBY-LEONARD — Finding Your Inner Goddess
How women can have love, marriage, money and be
successful moms.

KRISTIN CENDERELLI — Have a Love Affair… With Yourself
No matter what has happened in your life, you can redeem, reinvent
and become an amazing woman at any age.

DEBRA BECK — My Feet Are Not Ugly
How to raise teenage girls in the 21st century.

TERRI TALLTREE — How to Live On Purpose
How to raise purpose-driven and gifted

LIZ HIGGINS — How to Become Sexy & Fit and Defy the Obesity Odds
An inspiring and true story for women in their 40’s

JENNIFER MITCHELL — Chief Motivational Author
How to create an amazing family and body, and live consciously.

LORI ALPER — Go Green! How an attorney
went from the corporate world to Groovy Green Livin!

The gut-wrenching truth and lies about our food,
nutrition, and healing — and why conscious living is vital to your quality of

SUE ATKINS — Parenting Made Easy

How to raise confident, smart and loving children using simple strategies that create extraordinary results.

SARAH L. COOK — Raising CEO Kids
How to teach kids to become independent thinkers and entrepreneurs, and manage their own lives at an early age.

SHERRY SEGAL & WENDY WISEMAN — Building a Passion Filled Business
How two women came together to build a website for children and teens that empowers their creative spirit.

DAWN GOWERY — Healthy Beginnings Means Everything
How to live a conscious, holistic and natural life, with knowledge, respect and self-certainty.

KATHY BARTMANN — Self-Made Billionaire
How to maintain your own identity, raise children and
be your own woman all the time.

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