Is it OK to choose your kid’s friends?

I read with horror Katie Hopkins from ( The Apprentice) admission that she won’t let her children play with friends that she deems beneath them… & I quote ‘that’s  what caring mothers do’ As The Apprentice star admits she targets playmates who are a  good influence. Well – good luck with that  overly controlling strategy […]

Your Friendship Has Gone Wrong. What To Do Next.

Is it you? Is it them? Or is it both of you? Children are always falling in & out of friendships as they navigate the choppy waters of relationships aren’t they? I remember when I was Deputy Head  attending our schools Carol Concert in Bletchingley many years ago when 2 grown men started bickering outside […]

Tips for Dealing with Your Kids Friendship Challenges

We’ve all been there ….. your child comes home upset and distressed about falling out with their friend or friends at school. You feel helpless or protective and want to rush out and sort it all out for your child…… but here’s a few practical tips…… Younger children are egocentric ( which is a perfectly […]

How to help kids with friendship after lock down

          I have been working with a lovely 9 year old boy who has always found it a bit of a challenge to make and keep friends & his parents have been working with me remotely as they are worried about how the social isolation during lock down will affect his confidence […]

Why it’s NOT a good idea to be your child’s friend.

So many of the Mums I work with on my Drop In & Chat sessions want to be their child’s friend and don’t want to be the “baddie” telling them off or disciplining them. But that’s just not want kids need. Children thrive on boundaries, limits and structure. They feel safe, they feel secure and […]

Why friends become invisible while you’re in the process of divorcing.

I noticed most of my dear friends were right there while I was going through the process of divorcing but not all ! Someone who I have known since I was 15 hasn’t been in touch to see how I was doing – which surprised me but life is all about managing the hands you are dealt […]

Tips for Dealing with Friendship Challenges

  Today I am delighted to have Annie Fox Author of many wonderful books including Middle School Confidential™ Annie’s new book series for 11-14 year olds as my guest blogger discussing:  Tips for Dealing with Friendship Challenges By Annie Fox M.Ed  “Just as we did when they were toddlers, we need to continue teaching our […]

The Sue Atkins Inspiring Sunday Saying

The Friendship Song Here is an uplifting video that reminds us just how very important friends are to us, no matter how old we are. Enjoy and feel free to pass on to all your special friends too The Friendship Song