Why it’s NOT a good idea to be your child’s friend.

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

better kids

So many of the Mums I work with on my Drop In & Chat sessions want to be their child’s friend and don’t want to be the “baddie” telling them off or disciplining them.

But that’s just not want kids need.

Children thrive on boundaries, limits and structure.

They feel safe, they feel secure and they relax.

Of course they’ll push your boundaries, test your limits and push your buttons – but your job is to be consistent, firm and fair.

You are there to be your child’s parent NOT their friend – otherwise the message they receive is that you are their equal and that they have the same amount of power as you do – which is a bit like giving the keys of the car to your toddler, or teenager and they haven’t even passed their test yet !



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