Empty Nest – The Joy & The Sadness

I  will always  remember the way my heart lurched as my daughter announced that she was going to take the Offer from Manchester Metropole University after all and go a year EARLIER than she had planned. Of course I was thrilled that she was off to University, but I was also going through a divorce […]

Empty Nest & Divorce – a lethal combination.

  This week I have been working with an older Mum helping her through her divorce but despite her son being 23 and her daughter 21 she has been struggling with the sadness of being a parent with strong feelings of loss around  Empty Nest Syndrome as well. We never stop being Mums really do […]

The Kilimanjaro of Parenting – Empty Nests.

  Today I dropped my son off at his University to join up with the other volunteers climbing Kilimanjaro for Child Reach International which raises money for disadvantaged children in Africa. It was a big moment. A big moment for him in excitement, and a big moment in mine as my son will return a […]

The Sue Atkins Parenting Expert Podcast – CHANGE

In this podcast I help you handle life’s BIG changes from handling divorce to letting go and celebrating the fact that your wonderful children have flown the nest:  and the reason why I recorded this gentle but profound podcast is because I know first hand just how painful change can be as I have been through these […]

Empty Nest, Divorce & Surviving The Crazy Time……

  My 21 year old son rang for a catch up just before he was off with his Dad to watch Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. It was great to hear his voice, hear his news and to hear how busy he was juggling writing his dissertation, working at his journalist placement and planning his climb […]

Divorcing In Your 50s: What It’s Really Like – Life from another Perspective.

I find myself  experiencing another of Life’s challenges – divorce in my  50’s. It was not something I planned or have enjoyed. In fact I have found it enormously challenging to accept that my ducks did not line up in the way I thought they would,  and I have experienced enormous disappointment, anger, frustration and grief […]

My posthumous advice for my daughter

My daughter sent me this as she embarks on the next phase of her life off at Manchester Metropolitan University. As I prepare to write her “Good Luck” card and am pondering what advice to give her – here is Caitlin Moran’s advice for her daughter……. What’s yours? My posthumous advice for my daughter WRITTEN BY Caitlin […]


  As I prepare for my beautiful daughter to leave  my nest and fly off to Manchester Metropole University in a few weeks I read with interest this article as I am also currently going through a divorce after 21 years. 7 TIPS FOR IMPROVING MARRIAGE IN AN EMPTY NEST It is peak move-in time […]