Divorce and Your Special Needs Child – Things to Consider.

Divorce is always difficult for the whole family but if you do find that you are heading for a divorce here are some things to consider if you have a child with additional needs. Things to Consider Divorce is a difficult time for all family members, but especially for your children.  A child that has […]

5 Practical Tips to Help Your Child Adjust to Family Change During Divorce.

How the news hits a three-year-old is very different to how a 15-year-old understands and reacts to the news – that’s why it’s important to include your teenager in your discussions around your contact arrangements where it feels appropriate, to avoid resentment building up between all of you. Of course, don’t hand over all the […]

Putting Your Children First in Divorce

Putting your children first I’ve been recently working with a couple who are divorcing and we were looking at how to handle the new roles that both these parents now  face whilst going through the transition. One area I discussed with them was accepting that their ex has a continued role to play in their […]

Step Dad Advice – Bringing together two separate families is a process, not an event. It takes time and flexibility on everyone’s behalf to settle into new family relationships.

I’m delighted to have been invited to write some articles for Dad Info – a wonderful website for Dads and Step Dads. Today here is my article on what the Americans call ‘Blended Families’ but what I like to call ‘Slow Burning Casserole Families’ 🙂 ‘Bringing together two separate families is a process, not an […]

When it comes to divorce, make sure you include the money side of things.

  It is a hugely emotional time when you split up with your partner, and that makes it even harder to make sensible financial decisions. Rather than thinking through options and making a long-term financial plan, people often feel desperate to end the misery of an unhappy relationship as soon as possible. Although this is […]

Divorce CAN be nobody’s fault – can’t it?

 The law affecting families in England and Wales is changing. The most important element of no fault divorce is, of course, the removal of fault or blame from the divorce process. Under the new laws, couples will be able to get divorced solely on the basis that the marriage has broken down, without needing to cite […]

The top 10 signs that may mean you’re heading for divorce

I’ve been catching up on ‘Coldfeet’ before the new season starts as I never watched it the first time it was on, and what strikes me watching and following the lives of these 3 couples is just how untidy life can be. Relationships are never easy at the best of times. Despite all our best […]

Practical Advice for Telling Your Children You’re Divorcing

  This month I have been working with a wonderful group of parents who are all going through a divorce and one of their main worries was how to tell the children about what was going to happen and what to actually say to them. Children naturally fear that they will lose one of their […]

My child seems to have little reaction to our divorce. Is that normal?

My child seems to have little reaction to our divorce. One of the many questions I get asked when I am working with families going through a divorce is: “My child seems to have little reaction to our divorce. Does that mean they are OK? “ Divorce is usually a difficult time for all family […]

Why Breaking Up Needn’t Be So Hard To Do.

I have a Divorce  Coaching Programme   that is designed to support you through the difficult time of separation and divorce that gives you clarity, direction and confidence. Conflict damages everyone – particularly your children. Here is an article in The Daily Mail about handling divorce through the Collaborative Process. After being told by her husband […]

Successful Separation – Always Putting The Children First.

I work with many parents going through separation, divorce or troubled times as I run a 6 week Coaching  Programme: 1-2-1 Divorce Support for Families Going Through Family Conflict, Separation or Break Up One of the areas I help parents explore first  is the very important area of Communication. The way parents exchanged information, shared […]

Creating a STRONG Step Family. Let’s Bust A Few Myths!

I’m delighted to be published in Dad Info a super website for Dads and Step Dads. Here’s my article. Stepfamilies have a bad image. Think of Snow White’s jealous stepmother or Cinderella’s ugly sisters or, at the other end of the spectrum, the unrealistically positive stepfamily, the Brady Bunch. Real life is more complicated than […]

Step Dads – Who disciplines whose children?

I’ve been send this question from Dads Info a super website for Dads and Step Dads. Different parenting styles are causing our family friction, what can I do? One of the main problems within step families is who disciplines whose children…  The simple thing is to sit down with a cup of coffee and a pen […]