Teaching kids to let go of their worries.

I go into lots of schools doing my Confidence Classes for Kids Workshop and After School Club and I always do a Garden Of Dreams visualisation that helps children to let go of their worries, anxieties and stresses. But here is another tool that I use: The Hug Me Tree Imagine that there is a […]

Watch these adorable little babies singing “We Will Rock You”

  I go into lots of schools running my Beat Bullying – Confidence Classes for Kids as well as my regular Saturday Morning  2 hour Workshops  ( next one 7th September ) around confidence building and I am known for always using music to uplift, inspire and anchor fun and laughter in my workshops by […]

How James Brown is changing children’s lives !

Today I worked with the most lovely 12 year old who when asked what she was good at sat in silence for a very long time and said, “nothing” yet I know she is a great footballer, good at fractions, a great storyteller who writes with flair and good insights about her made up characters, […]

Anti-Bullying Week 2011

With the slogan‘Stop and think – words can hurt’ this year’s campaign is focused on tackling verbal bullying. Young people at the ABA Youth Summit 2010 raised concerns about the negative use of language in schools and the wider community –expressions like ‘you’re so gay’ and words like ‘sket’ and ‘slag’.They saw this as a […]

Cyber Bullying – The 21st Century Curse

  In keeping with this week’s theme for Anti – Bullying Week. Here is my article on Cyber Bullying to give you some ideas to keep your children safe online in this new world of instant technology. Cyber bullying 1.2 billion instant messages were sent over the AOL network alone on September 11th 2001 This […]

The Sue Atkins Beat Bullying Diary

Bullying can happen to anyone at any age. My bullying diary can be really helpful to keep a record of the bullying that you’ve experienced to show to someone you really trust when you are talking to your parents, teachers or other adults about sorting this problem out. Download my Beat Bullying Diary now   […]

What If My Child Is a Bully? Anti Bullying Week

This week my blogs will all be about Anti Bullying as I run my own Beat Bullying ~ Confidence Classes for Kids. Helping children feel good about themselves and empowering them with the strategies and simple techniques for lasting long term confidence. Click here to discover more about my WORKSHOP Here is a really helpful […]