The Dummy Tree, The Tooth Fairy & other quirky family traditions around the world !

I’m always encouraging my parents to create their own family traditions from bike rides to bowling, from having a film night in with popcorn to having a Sunday Lunch together as it builds memories that last a lifetime. I also love exploring and I came upon this really interesting  article about parenting traditions from different cultures around the world […]

‘There’s Nothing to Do!’

It’s the Summer hols and unless you are happy to dust off and dry clean your Butlin’s Red Coat ready to entertain the kids full time here are some simple ideas from Huffington Post Parents blog 🙂 Now that it’s summer, my 9-year-old son is constantly complaining that he’s bored. He will start camp soon, […]

Do Try This At Home!

I love the people I meet on Twitter – I meet so many wonderful people with great ideas. Here’s a great blog about how to challenge  your children to get off the sofa and have fun making memories with you from Do Try This At Home “In today’s gadget-rich and time-pressured lifestyles, it is sometimes […]

The disappearance of childhood and what we can all do to get it back

  I love this heart felt blog by Jamie Martin “I  want my kids to have a childhood. A living, breathing, mud-between-toes, romping-in-woods, staring-at-the-sky childhood. A secure foundation setting the stage for a secure life. The gift of childhood. I allow my kids to slowly unwrap it each day within our home-school. But as I look […]

Why your child NEEDS to make a mud pie !

“A chain of happy children trail each other joyfully around the garden dodging in and out of wigwams, wooden structures and plants. Others work intently, like a team of chefs, making an imaginary cake out of shaving foam, mud, leaves and whatever else they can find in the garden of the Limelight Family Learning Centre […]

Should parents drug babies on long flights?

I’m on the JVS Show on BBC Three Counties talking about this controversial subject now. What do you think? “Parents taking infants on long flights are turning to medication to help their children sleep. But is the practice safe – or a dangerous abuse of parental power? On a recent afternoon flight from Miami to […]

Are YOUR children being raised in ‘captivity’ due to health and safety paranoia?

Are your kids out in the snow throwing snowballs, climbing trees and having fun – or are they stuck inside on their iPad and watching hours of TV? Prof Tanya Byron said that children’s natural development was being stunted after being refused the chance to play outside, banned from throwing snowballs and prevented from walking […]

What to do when they say “I’m BORED!”

From smartphones to laptops and video games, today’s kids are constantly seeking entertainment. But is this good for them and what should you do to keep them engaged? I’m delighted to have my advice printed in Gulf News about how to help your kids handle boredom ! => Here’s an extract…. “It’s a family […]

Give a hoot !

As a former Deputy Head teacher I just love this little poster from The Reading Kingdom  so make a committment today as the New School Term begins here in the UK to get involved in your child’s learning !

Activities for Kids – The 30 Minute Challenge

I love exploring other people’s super blogs and passing on their great ideas  and this is a lovely one from Kate from Life On The Pickle Farm. Kate was a preschool teacher… Now she has  four kids, lots of chickens, a start stop veggie garden, a busy kitchen, an obsession with printables, and ten acres of […]

Why not create your own mini Olympics with your kids ?

I’ve just come back from a special occasion – seeing the Olympic Torch float down the River Thames on its final journey to the Olympic Stadium tonight at 20.12 pm We made an occasion of it by getting up at 6 am to head over to my friend’s house in Teddington. I have very fond […]

Questions To Start Conversations ~ The Sue Atkins Family Challenge!

I am a real advocate of families sitting down and eating together as it creates a bond, a connection and makes life fun. Kids can chat about their day, their worries or just spend time with you, and you can share your life with them in a easy and natural way simply through sitting down […]

I am offering one lucky reader the chance to win a copy of the Bear Grylls book ‘The Top Ten Things To Do Before You’re 10’

  I recently interviewed  Bear Grylls the star of Discovery Channel’s Emmy nominated Man Vs Wild and Born Survivor TV series, which has become one of the most watched shows on the planet, reaching an estimated 1.2 billion viewers. and to inspire families to shake off  computer games and ipads and to get back to […]