The Dummy Tree, The Tooth Fairy & other quirky family traditions around the world !

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

I’m always encouraging my parents to create their own family traditions from bike rides to bowling, from having a film night in with popcorn to having a Sunday Lunch together as it builds memories that last a lifetime.

I also love exploring and I came upon this really interesting  article about parenting traditions from different cultures around the world that I thought I would share with you from Pacifier Trees to Tooth Fairy traditions …….

Take a look and why not start a new family tradition for your kids this week and I’d love you to hear your special rituals, routines and traditions and leave a comment below 🙂

The Pacifier Tree Tradition

Saying goodbye to a dummy can be quite hard and parents all over the world have there own interesting and quirky  ways to get their little ones to get rid of them.

In Denmark in parks there are trees where children can hang their dummies or pacifiers from branches as a ceremonial way to say goodbye 🙂

Tooth Fairy Traditions
When your wee babes are just cutting teeth it is hard to imagine that they will ever be so big that their baby teeth will fall out. The tooth fairy is such a sweet myth that we spin and simple really when you think about it, but in other cultures some kids throw their teeth on the roof of the house instead. In countries like India, Korea, and Vietnam as the tooth is thrown, the child wishes for the launched tooth to become the tooth of a mouse, as rodent teeth grow for their whole life. Pretty smart!

Baby’s 100 Day Celebration
Chinese families have a very lovely tradition called the 100 days ceremony where they celebrate the first 100 days of a child’s life. I suspect this roots in the issue of infant mortality rates and is meant even today to give thanks for the safe keeping of a child.

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