Activities for Kids – The 30 Minute Challenge

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I love exploring other people’s super blogs and passing on their great ideas  and this is a lovely one from Kate from Life On The Pickle Farm. Kate was a preschool teacher…
Now she has  four kids, lots of chickens, a start stop veggie garden, a busy kitchen, an obsession with printables, and ten acres of weeds!

Here’s her blog.

“When things are going to hell in a hand basket, or when you just have a little snip of time between one thing and another, or when you just need everyone to stop running around the house and leaping off the couches… that’s when you need a 30 Minute Challenge!

It’s a new game I’ve invented (well ok, someone else probably thought of it first, but I invented it in our house!) and it works a treat to break the crazy cycle, at least for 30 minutes! Here’s how it works..

Challenge your kids to create something in 30 minutes.

Yep, it’s that simple!

You may need to vary the challenges and make the time longer or shorter depending on the activity or the age of the child, but the idea is the same. Make it sound special and tricky by announcing in your best ring masters voice that it’s… “Time for a 30 minute challenge!!!”

Here are some ideas for 30 Minute Challenges.”


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