Do Try This At Home!

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

I love the people I meet on Twitter – I meet so many wonderful people with great ideas.
Here’s a great blog about how to challenge  your children to get off the sofa and have fun making memories with you from Do Try This At Home

“In today’s gadget-rich and time-pressured lifestyles, it is sometimes hard to make the effort to ensure our children have an upbringing that gets them outdoors and active. Similarly, parenting is increasingly becoming risk averse and challenge-free  – we spend too much time making it ‘easy’ for our children.

Children need ‘managed’ exposure to age-appropriate challenges and risks.

We seek to achieve this through family adventures and experiences designed, on the whole, to get us outside, adventuring and having fun… as a family.

We hope that some of what we are sharing is of interest to like-minded parents.

Never let the weather stop you venturing out to explore, climb, cycle, sail, or just walk. Go out in wind, rain, sun, hail, even snow, all-year-round, all seasons, and every month of the year.
Here are some simple and wonderful ideas hope these adventure ideas give you some inspiration! There will be 100 ideas posted eventually, so hopefully you’ll be spoilt for choice. “
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