Tapping is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Here’s How It Can Help YOU!

What is EFT? Emotional Freedom Technique  is the new therapy for the 21st century as it is a very safe way to get rid of anxiety, stress, and feelings of guilt and overwhelm that lots of parents suffer from. It is based on tapping different Chinese meridian lines with your fingers – and you’ve probably […]

7 Great Additional Needs Toys For Christmas

This year I’ve made a lovely new friend in Georgina Durrant ( listen to our fabulous interview on my parenting podcast )who writes a wonderful blog for parents of children with Special Needs called The SEN Resources Blog It’s BURSTING with advice, learning activities and recommended toys, books and resources for children with SEN. Do head over […]

A Social Story To Help Autistic Children Cope With Losing.

Some children with autism may find it very difficult to control their emotions when they don’t win in a game, quiz, or activity. Of course, everyone likes to win at games, but it is so much harder for children on the autism spectrum. Social Stories can help autistic children develop their social skills and handle […]

What Drives Perfectionism in Autism & How You Can Help Your Child Cope.

  I’m working with a lovely 9 year old boy, who is on the spectrum, to help his self esteem and his perfectionism as it’s causing him anxiety. What Drives Perfectionism in Autism & How You Can  Help Your Child Cope. In today’s society, perfectionism seems widely accepted & no big deal. Lots of high […]

Sue Atkins Tips for Children Returning to School After Lock Down

As a former Deputy Head and Class Teacher for over 22 years it’s a time of uncharted waters for us all – parents, teachers & children –  and we are all in this together – supporting, nurturing, encouraging and looking after each other. Schools are being asked to open their doors on 8th March but […]

Parenting in a Pandemic GIVEAWAY – worth £800

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues it’s really challenging to handle all the uncertainty – some of you may be able to return to work, some of you may have just had a baby during this isolating and stressful time, some of you may be stuck with a partner that you plan to leave, while others […]

6 Parenting Tips When Your Child is Disruptive in Class.

Every parent dreads receiving a call from their child’s school in the middle of the day. The call is not usually to congratulate you about something good or to extend an invitation to an upcoming event to celebrate your child’s achievements – those calls usually wait until after school or you receive them through an […]

The Fun & Importance of Soft Play.

Whilst your school-aged children are back into their new term routines, it’s time to focus on your toddlers & pre-schoolers. If you don’t want to do a big family day out and are looking to save some pennies this time of year, play centres are the best place to start. I have spent many happy […]

5 Simple Ways to Engage Children with Autism in Active Play.

As a parent of a child with additional needs you are probably very aware, and focused, on developing their social & verbal skills but one very important aspect to balance is your child’s physical activity too. Lots of parents I work with, or parents who chat in my Parenting Online Club Forum certainly feel frustrated […]