The Business Owners Family Survival Toolkit. Having The Best Of Both Worlds


The Business Owners Family Survival Toolkit

Raising kids is hard, but doing it whilst growing a business can be a real challenge. If you’re struggling to balance your work with your family life, then you’re not alone. When time is scarce and your attention is pulled in all directions it’s easy to feel out of control, stressed and overwhelmed. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With the right tools, techniques and strategies you can raise happy, confident kids and a strong, successful business too.

How It Works

This MP3/Audio course will help you to overcome the challenges that business owners face when raising a family. Designed for super-busy people like you, this course can be listened to as you go about your day. Listen to it in the car, in the shower or as you do the washing up. You’ll get Sue’s experience, knowledge and tried and tested techniques that will help you to balance your responsibilities and create harmony in your home.

Why Listen To Sue?

As The Parenting Expert, seen regularly on ITV’s This Morning, Sky News & BBC, Sue has helped thousands of parents to create balance in their lives. As a business owner and parent herself she truly understands the unique challenges you face. Her positive, guilt-free and practical approach allows you to get the knowledge and advice you really need, without ever feeling “not good enough” or “shamed”

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Direct from Sue to You – the answers to your parenting prayers!  In these MP3s, Sue addresses a specific parenting issue and gives you tried and tested solutions. A helping hand – not a pointed finger, supportive, informative, and practical – just what you need to give you clarity & confidence.

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When you have kids your life changes and so does your whole concept of TIME and running your own business is exhausting, challenging and time consuming.

Many parents worry about how to balance running their own business with successful parenting.

This  toolkit will help you avoid potential pitfalls and focus on the positive aspects of your parenting role while running your own business.

Using my own personal experience I will coach you through the pitfalls and hijackers of your time to help you balance your family life once and for all.

1. Introduction
2. The awakening entrepreneur within
3. Come to the edge
4. Where you are now
5. What you believe about yourself
6. Stress, guilt and pressure
7. The secret is in feeling in control of your choices
8. Looking at your life as a whole
9. Walking your timeline
10. Learning to prioritise time and the ability to say ‘No’
11. Making friends with your juggler!
12. The problems to possibilities
13. Increasing your resources
14. Smarten up and celebrate!
15. Think like a hero
16. Achieving balance
17. Making time
18. Mastering your time
19. Keeping the glow with your

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