Making The Big Leap To Secondary School Successfully


Making The Leap To Secondary School Successfully

Moving up to big school can be a big deal. If your child is feeling anxious, they’re not alone. Will they make new friends? How will they know where to go? What if they look stupid? But changing schools and moving on to secondary education doesn’t have to be so stressful. In this step by step audio guide Sue will share with your child all the tools, techniques and advice they need to feel confident, calm and content when they make the leap to secondary school.

How It Works

Designed for your child, this audio course will walk them through the worries they’re facing as secondary school approaches, giving them tools, techniques and strategies to overcome them. Sue’s relaxed and positive approach makes her MP3s easy to listen to, so you can be sure your child will not only get the confidence boost they need, but will enjoy listening and learning from it too.

Why Listen To Sue?

As The Parenting Expert, seen regularly on ITV’s This Morning, BBC & Sky News, Sue Atkins has helped thousands of children to make the leap to secondary school successfully. As an NLP Master Practitioner, EFT Practitioner and a qualified Life Coach you can be sure Sue has all the knowledge, tools and techniques you need to ensure your child makes the move to big school, easily and confidently.

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Direct from Sue to You – the answers to your parenting prayers!  In these MP3s, Sue addresses a specific parenting issue and gives you tried and tested solutions. A helping hand – not a pointed finger, supportive, informative, and practical – just what you need to give you clarity & confidence.


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The transition from the smaller, more nurturing environment of Primary school to the big, unknown, mystery that is Secondary school can be an anxious time for children (and their parents!).

This download will help you prepare your child for change and to look forward to the new opportunities and adventures that lie ahead.

By dispelling myths and building their confidence, you can help your child handle the change easily, and avoid any damage to their self-esteem.

1. Introduction
2. Looking back at what I’ve achieved
3. Looking forward
4. Losses and gains
5. Independence, responsibility and asking for help
6. Endings are really beginnings
7. Circle of confidence
8. Floating into the future
9. The magic present
10. The human zoo
11. Changing expectations
12. How am I doing so far?

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