Kate Wogan – Author of the Award Winning Uh Oh Milo!

Sue in conversation with Kate Wogan

Kate Wogan has created a series of lovely books for under 5’s. They’re an imaginative and creative way to start talking about little life-lessons, in a really fun way. The books are written to help parents with table manners, politeness, playing well together & toddler tantrums! In this brand-new pre-school book series for 3–5-year-olds, packed full of bright, colourful illustrations, we meet Mary, Milo and their fabulous granny, as they meet magical mischief making visitors, tackling their toddler tantrum behaviours with imagination, laughter and fun!
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Readers young and old will love the lively storytelling, vibrant colours and charismatic characters and the collection is a great way to engage children in the joy of reading while introducing important topics that open up great conversations for parents and children. Kate Wogan’s book ‘The Tantrum Trolls’ is great for snuggling up together and reading about magical mischief making visitors who also struggle to deal with their big emotions.  Whether you have a toddler in the throes of the terrible twos, or a three – ager, prone to emotional meltdowns, Kate’s books help start big conversations with little people about feelings and how we can manage them. Join Milo, Mary and their fabulous granny as they embark on a magical quest for good manners!

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