Teen Slang – What You Need To Know Navigating The #DigitalJungle!

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Teen Slang – What You Need To Know Navigating The #DigitalJungle

Keeping an eye out (and an ear‼️) about what you’re kids are up to online is crucial to their safety & wellbeing and while you don’t want to seem too intrusive (or uncool) and constantly ask your kids to translate you probably want to keep a handle on what’s going on – in case you need to get involved!!

Here are just a few slang words you may not have heard of – let me know if you’d like some more 😉

Based – when you agree with something; or when you want to recognise someone for being themselves
‘You’re going to that party? Based.’

Ate that – to successfully achieve something
‘I love that dress. You totally ate that look’ (the dress looked great on you)

Basic –  word to describe someone who is predictable or bland. It’s an insult!

Cappin – lying
‘He’s so cappin’ (he is so not telling the truth)

Ded – so funny or embarrassing!
‘OMG. That pic has me ded’

Delulu – a short-hand term for delusional. It’s often used to describe someone in a humorous way who chooses to reject reality in favour of a more interesting interpretation of events.
‘She’s so delulu. She thinks she’s going to marry the lead actor in her favourite film.’

IFKKYK – if you know you know.
It means if you weren’t there, you wouldn’t know. It could also refer to an inside joke.
‘Last night’s concert was amazing! IFKKYK’

No Cap – a term to emphasise that you’re not lying. A modern way of saying ‘I swear’
‘I saw him take the last biscuit. No cap’

Pop Off – when someone is doing well – often used in gaming.
‘Look at Ninja (streamer). He’s popping off on Fortnight’

Rizz – charisma. It can also describe one’s ability to attract a partner.
‘She’s got rizz!’

Roman Empire – something you love and think about all the time.
‘The Barbie monologue is my Roman Empire.’

Salty – annoyed or upset.
‘I don’t know why she is so salty’.

Simp – someone who tries too hard or goes above and beyond to impress the person they like.
‘He got her a ring after four dates. He’s such a simp!’

Slay – to do something exceedingly well.‘He slayed that performance’.

Flexing –  to describe showing off or flaunting something, typically related to one’s possessions, achievements, or abilities. It’s often associated with displaying wealth, status, or skills in a boastful or exaggerated manner. For example, someone might say, “He’s always flexing his new trainers,” meaning that person frequently shows off their new trainers.

Yeet – To throw something with force or enthusiasm. It can also be used to express excitement or approval.

Lit – Used to describe something exciting, fun, or excellent.

Savage – Used to describe someone who is tough, uncompromising, or ruthless, often in a humorous or exaggerated way.

Clout – Influence or power, especially in social or online contexts.

Sus – Short for “suspect” or “suspicious,” often used to describe something or someone questionable.

Bet – A casual agreement or confirmation, similar to saying “okay” or “deal.”

GOAT – Acronym for “Greatest of All Time,” used to describe someone or something that is the best in its category.

Thirsty – Desperate or eager, especially for attention or validation.

Stan – A dedicated and enthusiastic fan of a particular person, celebrity, or thing.

So, next time your teen drops a phrase or acronym they think you can’t decipher, you will have NP (no problem) understanding what’s happening in your kids’ lives and absolutely no FOMO (fear of missing out)!

Good luck!!

🔜 I’m working on some new projects around all things #DigitalJungle so keep an eye out for them ‼️

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