Debi John – Play Consultant, Speaker and Author of PAUSE, PLAY, CONNECTⓇ Flow.

Sue in conversation with Debi John

Debi John, play consultant, and author of the PAUSE, PLAY, CONNECTⓇ Flow, is a passionate advocate about championing and integrating the power of play into our incredibly busy lives.
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Drawing from over 20 years of professional experience in safeguarding, education, and the creative arts, Debi prides herself in not prescribing exactly how to parent. There is not a ‘one-size-fit’s-all’ approach. She facilitates far-reaching, empowering, evidence-based discussions for parents to embrace the power of play their way. This is expressed within her own unique Parenting Flow of pausing, playing and connecting, to help parents become closer to their children, by discovering healthy ways of coping with emotional and behavioral challenges through simple, digestible, and practical support. Debi’s energy and passion for playful, prevention strategies permeate through her work. She regularly speaks on BBC Radio, hosts the ‘Play Healing Parenting Podcast,’ has presented in front of 1000s but most impressively, can manage a room full of 200 teenagers and live with 2 of her own! “Becoming empowered to embrace the power of play your way.” Debi John

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