James Hawes – Psychotherapist, Speaker, Supervisor, Trainer and Author of ‘The Secret Lives of Men’ a book bursting with information about what other men think and feel and tips to improve your relationship

Sue in conversation with James Hawes

James is an inspirational, engaging and passionate speaker. He is an expert in working with men, their emotional wellbeing and mental health and has delivered talks to businesses, therapists, educational leaders, school staff, young people, parents and NHS staff on ‘Cracking the code of Men’s emotions’, 10 tips on understanding men, Working with challenging boys and developing emotional fitness as well as anger management. His book ‘The Secret Lives of Men’ will change the way you understand yourself, men and relationships. It’s bursting with information about what other men think and feel and has lots of great tips on improving your relationships.
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James Hawes is a Psychotherapist, Author, Speaker, Supervisor and Trainer.  He is an advocate of positive change and on a lifelong mission to impart people with the tools they need to cultivate a wide spectrum of emotional expression becoming emotionally fit as a result. Over two decades, James has gained extensive experience in his field, helping hundreds of men, boys, couples, families and teenagers along the way.

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