Healthy, Wise & Amazing Women my latest book ……

I’m really proud to say that a book I contributed to called “Healthy, Wise & Amazing Women” is now one of Amazon’s best selling titles.  Read the “powerful and inspiring conversations with women living the life they dreamed of” which includes me ! Grab your copy now here  🙂 Here’s the  description of it : “A powerful […]

Because kids don’t come with a handbook!

There is absolutely no doubt that raising a family can be an exhausting, challenging and on many occasions a frustrating business; but when you get it right there is no single experience in life that will prove to be as fulfilling and rewarding as bringing up happy children. Every parent wants to do the very […]

How to succeed as a single parent.

Where do we go from here?  Keeping healthy relationships. I have recently been coaching a lovely Mum over the telephone for a number of weeks now and we’ve been looking at how she gets a break, gets some adult company and keeps her own life moving forward as she gets used to life as a […]

How to keep the glow with your partner after having kids !

  Listen to my late night interview on marriage, relationships, kids and the 5 types of Love Languages on Relationships360  Blog Talk Radio with Tiffany Williams-Jallow. Download your copy of Sue’s Ebook How to give your kids the gift of self-esteem by clicking here    

So are you laughing enough?

Building Family Strengths with Humour I love laughing ….. I love laughing with my kids, laughing with my friends, laughing with Kevin (particularly at our new hobby of Salsa dancing lessons on a Wednesday night!!) and making people laugh…… it makes me feel good. It lifts my spirit when the days are grey and the […]

The Sue Atkins Inspiring Sunday Saying

 The world is becoming a very small place through the power of Twitter, Facebook and social media and I’m delighted to include a wonderful poem by my new friend Rodrick Walters.  I spoke to Rodrick  this week on the phone about his passion for Upbeat Dads after connecting with his great blog through Twitter and […]

I think it’s time you patted yourself on the back !

I’ve just finished filming 6 hours of footage for a potential new series for Channel 4 and one thing that they seemed to like, was my idea of writing down what you get right as a parent and what goes WELL each day. We are all very good at beating ourselves up over what we […]