Teaching kids to let go of their worries.

I go into lots of schools doing my Confidence Classes for Kids Workshop and After School Club and I always do a Garden Of Dreams visualisation that helps children to let go of their worries, anxieties and stresses. But here is another tool that I use: The Hug Me Tree Imagine that there is a […]

How James Brown is changing children’s lives !

Today I worked with the most lovely 12 year old who when asked what she was good at sat in silence for a very long time and said, “nothing” yet I know she is a great footballer, good at fractions, a great storyteller who writes with flair and good insights about her made up characters, […]

BREAK THROUGH ! ITV This Morning, SUCCESS & Sleep at Last

Today I’m DELIGHTED to tell you that the very lovely couple I have been coaching for ITV This Morning  have told me that Abbie has made a break through with my  Easy Button Technique and has overcome her fears with some of my tips. Sue Porter has just sent me this email “With regards to the wonderful progress […]