One Parent: Many Strengths: Positive Tips for Single Mums and Dads

Time to Change the Old Narrative? 1 in 4 families are single parent families. Single parents are everywhere. It is time to change the outdated narrative and stigma and embrace the single parent experience so that single parents & children everywhere can have thriving, supported and wonderfully positive experiences – making happy memories that last […]

Is it a good idea to announce your divorce on social media?

  Is it a good idea to announce your divorce on social media? Whether your surfing Instagram, hovering over Face Book or agonising over your chosen hashtag on Twitter, social media is here to stay, but is it a good idea to announce your impending divorce on all these platforms? I work with many parents […]

Couples Break Up – Families Don’t Need To.

On Monday evening I had the pleasure of being invited to The Family Law Panel Westminster Forum at The House of Commons organised by the very wonderful OnlyMums & OnlyDads Community  – they are the UKs foremost signposting service for single parents and those going through divorce / separation. The Family Law Panel, launched in June 2014 […]

Celebrity Mums Trying To Pull Off Single Parenting

If you are thinking that celebrities have it all, well think again. Raising happy, confident, resilient children is not easy for anyone. Celebrities live the same kind of life we do, except that their trials and tribulations feed the gossip columns and their ‘mistakes,’ meltdowns, &  mishaps get plastered all over magazines & enter the realms of public opinion. […]

Has your self confidence taken a hammering after your divorce? Here’ s my antidote.

Divorcing is a pretty harrowing experience so I am using my experience to run a new workshop for women recovering from Divorce & Separation called “Sue’s 5 Step Self Esteem Solution after Divorce”  it’s only a 3 hour workshop designed to help you begin to rebuild your damaged self confidence and self esteem but it will, without doubt, begin […]

With the children out of the house, women in unhappy marriages often look at each other and think, ‘I may have another 25 to 35 years to live. Do I want to spend it with this person?’

As regular readers of my blog know,  I am going through a divorce whilst also re – adjusting to an empty nest as my youngest daughter has recently left for University in Manchester. For the new generation of empty-nesters apparently divorce is increasingly common. Among people ages 50 and older, the divorce rate has doubled […]

Guidance on Parenting Alone – My Interview on The Mother Company

Guidance on Parenting Alone – My Interview on The Mother Company An interview with Sue Atkins The percentage of US births to unmarried women, increasing since the 1940s, has surged in recent years, according to the American Community Survey. Pew Research reports the number of single fathers has increased from 300,000 in 1960, to over […]

Vengeance is a lazy form of grief.

  In the film “The Interpreter”, the character played by Nicole Kidman says, “Vengeance is a lazy form of grief.”   If you like me, are totally honest you’ve probably had moments where you’ve silently fantasied about your ex’s life being a total disaster after you’ve split up no matter who was to blame or […]