Has your self confidence taken a hammering after your divorce? Here’ s my antidote.

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

divorced woman scared

Divorcing is a pretty harrowing experience so I am using my experience to run a new workshop for women recovering from Divorce & Separation called “Sue’s 5 Step Self Esteem Solution after Divorce”  it’s only a 3 hour workshop designed to help you begin to rebuild your damaged self confidence and self esteem but it will, without doubt, begin the healing process in a supportive, upbeat practical way.

Of course I also run my 6-Week ‘Separation – Putting Your Children First’ Coaching Programme too which I am passionate about where you can talk to me either over the telephone or on Skype or work with me face to face personally at my Practice here in Surrey.
Call 01883 818329 to talk to me about how I can help you face the challenging times of divorce with growing confidence.
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