Has your self confidence taken a hammering after your divorce? Here’ s my antidote.

Divorcing is a pretty harrowing experience so I am using my experience to run a new workshop for women recovering from Divorce & Separation called “Sue’s 5 Step Self Esteem Solution after Divorce”  it’s only a 3 hour workshop designed to help you begin to rebuild your damaged self confidence and self esteem but it will, without doubt, begin […]

Being A Stay – At – Home – Dad

  A “House Husband”, or stay-at-home dad  is a term used to describe a father who is the main caregiver to his children and is the homemaker of the household. As family life has changed over the years the stay-at-home dad has become far more common in the school playground, nursery or toddler group.  In […]

Child Cruelty ? Channel 4’s Child Genius Programme.

I was interviewed on BBC Radio London today by Vanessa Feltz about the Channel 4 Programme ” Child Genius” because viewers have questioned whether the Channel 4 show went too far as two boys were shown sobbing after losing the competition. I work with many families whose children are anxious, stressed because of the unrealistic […]