Heroes, Role Models and Captain Tom Moore – being a super hero to your kids.

Super heroes I’ve been pondering what being a role model really means as the country shifts it’s values and focus about what really matters, and what really counts, during this Coronavirus Pandemic. We’ve just seen the remarkable achievement of Captain ‘Tom’s 100th Birthday Walk For The NHS’ – JustGiving and we all go outside on […]

Should ‘Fireman Sam’ become ‘Firefighter Sam’ ?

I’m discussing Ann Millington, chief executive of Kent Fire & Rescue’s suggestion that the children’s TV character Fireman Sam should be renamed ‘Firefighter Sam’ on BBC Radio Kent It strikes me as a good idea – what do you think? I think all programming should be diversified, for the benefit of all children, whatever their […]

I was touched by this little boy’s compliment……

I was in a school today and I always put my reading glasses on my jumper as a habit, as I’m tooooo proud to get a reading chain that hangs around my neck,  as I think that’s what old people do !! ( Vain woman that I am!) BUT what really struck me today was […]