Icons, role models and what to teach our kids about Oscar Pistorious – the fall of South Africa’s golden boy

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

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I’ve written before about icons, role models and the positive and motivating influence they play in our children’s lives. But what happens when they turn out to have feet of clay – like the rest of us or are tragically flawed?

I listened to The Jeremy Vine Show at lunchtime as they were discussing the tragic news of the death of Reeva Steenkamp and the sudden and shocking fall of the ‘Blade Runner’, one of the world’s most  inspirational athletes, who sadly dominates the press today.

What do we say to our children who look up to athletes, footballers and sportsmen and women?

I suppose we discuss their greatness and also their flaws – I suppose we teach them that no human being really lives a perfect life, or can ever be perfect and that with great fame also comes great responsibility.

I read an article today called  the Top 20 Tainted Sports Heroes Of All Time as there has been the fall of Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong, as well as Ben Armstrong. I have always used the News to talk & teach my kids about my values, and to pass on my views, thoughts and opinions to get my kids thinking so with that in mind – how will you handle the news today about the tragic events surrouding Oscar Pistorious?

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