For me the really simple secret to parenting success is:

Parents are always asking me, “So what IS the secret for parenting success?” and I think it’s quite simple really: 1. Know what you want. 2. Take action. 3. Notice what’s not working. 4. Try something else! That’s why I created all my Parenting Made Easy Workbooks and MP3’s to simply ask you the questions […]


For 2013 I’m going to be doing a weekly video answering YOUR questions – soooooo feel free to start putting up your questions on my Facebook page and I will pick a question every week to answer in my Don’t Stew – Ask Sue videos !    

In need of a bit of parenting inspiration ?

Wake up & listen to the best of yourself – don’t listen to the voice that beats you up ! If you need some help shifting that negative voice download my Positive Parent Daily Workout MP3

‘Click Lit’ is giving new life to my Parenting Made Easy Toolkits

I’m changing the way people can read my work. I always love to keep up to date with new technology and I’ve been considering making all my Parenting Made Easy Toolkits, Workbooks and Journals available on Kindle, iBooks and Nook. Yesterday my friend Maria was really excited to show me how she can bookmark her latest book […]


For less than a haircut and highlights I will make you a positive, relaxed and confident parent in 5 days 🙂 Family success, happiness and parenting confidence are not accidents that happen to some parents and not to others. They are created by specific ways of thinking and acting in the world. Learn how to […]

My latest letter from Downing Street ….. !!!!

OMG just been handed an envelope  marked with Downing Street  on the outside ….. thanking me for my Parenting Made Easy Toolbox …… it is being studied by the PM ! Wow – I’d love to deliver Parenting Made Easy Workshops using the 5 a day parenting checklist recommended by Centre Forum Think Tank throughout […]