How-to books on parenting are plenty but the latest guide by Sue Atkins stands out ….

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Today I am thrilled to tell you about a review of my latest book from The Asian Parent online magazine.

Most how-to books on parenting try to make what is often called the toughest job in the world sound easy but this one is different in its outlook. Written by Sue Atkins, a well-known British parenting expert, writer, speaker, broadcaster and coach, Parenting Made Easy emphasises developing your child’s self-esteem, neutralising conflict while laying the groundwork for good behaviour and independence.

Atkins’ latest book should be regarded as more than a continuation of her bestselling previous volume, ‘Raising Happy Children for Dummies’ or a condensed version of Atkins’ acclaimed parenting coaching CD series and workbooks. The most outstanding quote from the book encapsulates the situation of all parents, young or old:
“A new washing machine comes with an instruction book in five languages but as you walk out of the hospital with the most important bundle of your life in your arms, there are no manuals or handouts to help you.”

Despite its title, Parenting Made Easy does not deny that parenting is a massive challenge and asks the reader to build on their parenting skills with more confidence and patience. I especially like the main aspects laid out by Atkins, such as identifying your parenting style, types of comprehensive listening and ways to develop your child’s independence.

The most salient advice comes from Atkins asks parents to dig deeper than normal when examining their parenting styles and attitudes. The advice for bringing up your child is interspersed with boxed sections containing strategies such as The Pause Button and The One Point exercises. This is most exemplified in the very helpful chapter entitled “Balancing your work, personal and family time”- with its various detailed sections for busy parents on delegating ‘me’ and ‘we’ time without generating all the attendant guilt.

We all know bringing up children can feel overwhelming and very challenging but Atkins’ practical and inspirational advice also shows the reader that it can be a rewarding experience. The main message any reader should take from Parenting Made Easy is to be sure of yourself as a parent.

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