Should we teach parents about how babies develop, not how to be parents?

I love the way Twitter can initiate debate. My lovely friend Laura Henry, a highly experienced Early Years Consultant, sent me this fascinating article discussing the proposals by the Government to instigate parenting classes. In my experience I gave up trying to run formal parenting classes as it proved so difficult to get people to […]

Talking Point – Schools are told to run parenting classes and measure happiness

Of course  regular readers of my blog and my followers on Twitter already know I am passionate about parenting because I see it as the most important job anyone can ever do in their lifetime and the one least of us get any training in. Raising happy, confident, well behaved, well balanced adults is a tough, challenging and exhausting […]

Read Kirstie Allsopp’s view of the NCT and tell me what you think

I attended the National Childbirth Trust ante natal classes way back when I had my son Will – who is now 20 and I found them to be helpfuI. I also took the local ante natal classes recommended by my doctor. I enjoyed and learnt from both. Kirstie Allsopp is in the news today criticising […]

Dads see parenting courses as stuck in ’50s :(

FATHERS are averse to attending parenting education classes and do not seem  to get the same benefits from them as mothers, a new study shows. But it’s not the fault of  fathers. ”It’s as if parenting courses are stuck  in the 1950s where the gender division is accepted as natural and entrenched,”  said Richard Fletcher, […]

Kirstie Allsopp: Parenting ‘isn’t rocket science.’ But what do YOU think ?

  David Cameron has dismissed claims that a new scheme to teach parenting skills amount to a ‘nanny state’. Mums and dads in three pilot areas in England can get vouchers for parenting classes and will also have advice sent by email and text. Mother-of-two Kirstie Allsopp, who is  also an ambassador for the parenting […]

Why I think parenting classes are a good idea.

  I have the most wonderful Virtual Assistant who sorts out all my technical stuff and today she wrote a wonderful blog that I’d like to share with you. Here’s Kelly’s heart felt blog. “Ok, a little different to what I normally blog about but hell, it’s something that I feel strongly about so felt […]

Fancy Popping into ‘Boots’ for your FREE Vouchers For Parenting Classes?

I was delighted to have been invited to discuss parenting after the Riots at The House of Commons  and tonight I am on BBCRadio 5 Live discussing the governments answer as parents will be given £100 vouchers for lessons in how to handle their children in a Government bid to tackle a lack of family discipline. The free […]