Talking Point – Schools are told to run parenting classes and measure happiness

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Of course  regular readers of my blog and my followers on Twitter already know I am passionate about parenting because I see it as the most important job anyone can ever do in their lifetime and the one least of us get any training in.

Raising happy, confident, well behaved, well balanced adults is a tough, challenging and exhausting job most of the time because kids don’t come with a handbook yet my washing machine came with instructions in 5 different languages! So why is it that it is still seen as a huge failure and a taboo subject to ask for help as a parent? We go on courses from marketing to management yet hardly ANYONE  goes on a parenting course or reads a book about how to raise happy, confident kids beyond the toddler stage.

So I read with interest today that Schools are being told to organise parenting classes for the pupils’ parents to ensure teenagers have a stable home life under official health guidelines published today which you can read in The Daily Telegraph: Schools told to run parenting classes and measure happiness

Schools are also being advised that they should ‘systematically measure’ children’s happiness levels and their emotional well-being.

I for one am all for this new initiative, as I am inundated with kids that come on my Confident Classes for Kids Saturday Workshops who suffer the crippling effects of low self esteem & lack of self confidence and who worry about all sorts of issues around school, friendship, bullying, to being self conscious in social situations to worrying about their body image.

Growing up can be stressful and sometimes we all need a helping hand.

Yet few Mums and Dads actually think about what sort of role models they are being for their kids and what their kids are learning unconsciously from them day in day out in all the mundane little things they do and say.

I agree with the report that negative parenting and poor quality family or school relationships place children at risk of poor mental health yet how do we reach the very parents that need support and advice the most – because in my experience they are the very parents who NEVER come on courses, come into school to engage or ever ponder their parenting.

No one wants to come on a boring, patronising, How to Teach your Grandmother To Suck Eggs type parenting course so I wrote loads of workshops all based around my NLP Training with Paul McKenna and I always wished that Tony Robbins would join with me and do a NLP Date With Destiny / Fire Walk type event full of music, fun, laughter and learning to make the most important job in the world right up there with leadership, management and happiness all centre stage in the O2 Arena  – taboo, finger pointing and judgement free !

What do you reckon – a runner?

tony xxxx



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