Why not create your own mini Olympics with your kids ?

I’ve just come back from a special occasion – seeing the Olympic Torch float down the River Thames on its final journey to the Olympic Stadium tonight at 20.12 pm We made an occasion of it by getting up at 6 am to head over to my friend’s house in Teddington. I have very fond […]

The 2012 Summer Olympics are just weeks away and a new video has Mums buzzing

   I’m off to see the Olympic Torch pass through Godstone today with my kids – a special occasion and one to make a few great memories. The 2012 Summer Olympics are just weeks away and a new video has commenters buzzing. Entitled “Kids 2012,” the ad features OIympic athletes as kids, a poignant way of showing […]

What’s my hubby and son got to do with The Olympic Torch Route ?

My hubby and son have been selected to be part of the Olympics in 2012 as volunteers – my hubby is going to be a driver and take competitors from place to place in a specially allocated car and although I have volunteered I haven’t heard back yet from the officials. But I’m thrilled to discover thanks to […]