What’s my hubby and son got to do with The Olympic Torch Route ?

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My hubby and son have been selected to be part of the Olympics in 2012 as volunteers – my hubby is going to be a driver and take competitors from place to place in a specially allocated car and although I have volunteered I haven’t heard back yet from the officials.

But I’m thrilled to discover thanks to The Best Of East Grinstead

Next year the Olympics will be heading to London and the buzz and excitement surrounding the occasion is quite remarkable. Although the games will predominately be hosted in London, towns and villages from across the UK can still get involved and be part of history.

On the 19th May the Olympic torch will leave Land’s End after its arrival from Greece. It will then begin its 70 day journey across the UK before arriving at the Olympic Stadium in time for the opening ceremony.

East Grinstead has been chosen as one of the towns on this route, with the torch passing through on the 17th July. Town Clerk Julie Holden stated that it was “an iconic moment in the town’s history, which will live on in the memory of everyone who witnesses it.”

People from across the UK will be part of this historic 70 day journey and you are still able to take part as one of the 8,000 torch bearers who are nominated by the public. Even if you are not named as a torch bearer the public are encouraged to come out and line the route, there will be activities available including a sports event held at East Court.

We are so proud that our town has been chosen as part of the Olympic Route and can’t wait for 2012 so that we can start enjoying the celebrations!

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