Beating The Isolation Blues In Lockdown: New Mums

              We’ve gone back into Lockdown & it’s challenging us all to the core, but none more so than new mums. The joy of pregnancy has been tinged & maybe even tainted by not having your partner at your scans or by your bedside when you’ve given birth or […]

It’s time to ditch the new-mum guilt.

            My interview with Gurgle Hey, New Mum, meet Guilt. Guilt will be moving in for a while (well, indefinitely), and you two will be well acquainted in no time. Rather like your newborn, (seriously, if you don’t decide on a name soon, this child will start thinking it is […]

Support for New Mums & Mental Wellbeing During the Coronavirus & Lock Down

It goes without saying that these are very challenging times for pregnant and new born mums. I am doing a Instagram Live with Bloom Classes to offer some practical tips during this lock down but for advice and support that is designed to help you find the latest information and answers to any questions you […]