85 Children’s Books About Friendship

  I get asked a great deal about friendship issues whether they are between toddlers or kids entering into their teenage years full of angst & hormones! If you read a story to your kids about friendship issues it often takes the pressure off  them & offers you a more natural opportunity to chat with […]

Your Friendship Has Gone Wrong. What To Do Next.

Is it you? Is it them? Or is it both of you? Children are always falling in & out of friendships as they navigate the choppy waters of relationships aren’t they? I remember when I was Deputy Head  attending our schools Carol Concert in Bletchingley many years ago when 2 grown men started bickering outside […]

Problems in the Playground

Problems in the Playground I was asked by BBC Breakfast News to discuss playground behaviour in schools as a former Deputy Head and as a Parent Coach and Mum. It strikes me that there are two ways to improve playground behaviour. The school needs strategies, techniques and skills for handling conflict and parents need to teach […]