Handling ‘The News’ With Children.

  I’ve recently had two children referred to me who have a fear of being shot by a terrorist after watching the news about the terrible attack on Ukraine The problem with 24/7 News coverage is that it blows out of proportion the amount of bad things that can happen and children are very sensitive […]

Teaching Courage

    Courage isn’t about something magical that happens inside us to make us ‘not scared’. It’s about something magical that happens inside us to make us push through fear, self-doubt, anxiety, and do the things that feel hard, challenging, or out of our comfort zone. Sometimes, courage only has to happen for just a […]

My Tug of War Technique

  I’ve been recently working with a group of parents going through the turbulent times of a divorce and I asked them to remember participating in or watching a tug-of-war competition. You like me can probably remember both sides sweating, tugging, pulling, wrestling and expending huge amounts of energy but not really getting very far […]

The Hidden Side of Life – Depression

I was really moved to watch a sporting hero of mine Freddie Flintoff talking about Depression – we need more people to open up and discuss this very real problem so people feel supported, nurtured and understood. Watch it here on BBC i player http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b019gbpk/Freddie_Flintoff_Hidden_Side_of_Sport/ Flintoff: Depression is crippling… I cried in front of my […]

The Sue Atkins Weekly Parent Coaching Question

F alse E vidence A  ppearing R eal Fear is that little voice deep within all of us. Fear is with you on all of your adventures – but it doesn’t need to stop them. Fear is there for a reason ….. to keep you safe. But it is founded in the past and has […]

Stress Control – Made Easy

I’ve been preparing and going over my talk on reducing stress called “STOP Worrying – START Dancing” for talk I am giving to a group of women in London next week and it got me pondering about the negative nature of stress and  it reminded me of a  Destructive Dragon that needs slaying. I know first […]