How to Get Your Adult Kids to Pay Their Share Of Household Bills

            I’m on BBC Radio Tees discussing the 3.3 million adults who have returned home to live with their parents.   Have your kids returned home and you are fed up with their lack of contributions to the household budget?     “The average age of buying your first house […]

Do you think you should charge your adult kids rent?

Here’s a question I’m asked a lot. “Is it fair to charge our son rent?” I’m on Eamonn Holmes talkRADIO Show at 6.30 discussing charging adult kids rent as more and more adult children are coming back home to live as they try and save up for a home of their own. But do you […]

Living at home with Mum and Dad – Sue Atkins on Channel Five News

I was interviewed on Channel Five News as Priscilla Eyles says she still feels like a teenager at times as she still lives at home. It’s a real problem to save up in order to get on the property ladder and I know first hand, as my two adult kids struggle to save up, preferring […]

The Clipped Wing Generation.

Join me live on Channel 5 News after 6pm discussing The Clipped Wing Generation –  young adults who can’t afford to fly the nest despite working full time. The Charity Shelter have just released a report: WHAT THEY SAY ON THE STORY “The ‘clipped wing generation’ are finding themselves with no choice but to remain living […]

My advice in The Independent – The Boomerang Generation

Spiralling property prices and the collapse of the labour market are forcing many young people (and some not so young) to move back in with their parents. Here’s my advice in The Independent about what to do, how to cope and how to ease the transition into a new way of living with older kids !  

Will they EVER fly the nest? Boomerang Kids ….. made easy !

There’s a new word out on the street called the “boomerang kids” – children who return to their parents’ home in adulthood and remain there into their 20s or even 30s!!! According to a leading charity Parentline Plus they are putting enormous strain on family relations. Student debt, the housing shortage and a general lengthening […]