Exploring The Role of Nutrition in Treating ADD/ADHD

            I read with fascination the blog by June Rousso Ph.D on the role of nutrition in treating ADD/ADHD as I taught many children on Ritalin when I was a Deputy Head. “Most treatments have focused upon medications, such as stimulant drugs. Millions of children are treated with medication and […]

ADHD and why working mums need to look in the mirror – do you agree?

I read with interest Sarah Vine’s parenting article in The Daily Mail  today about  ADHD. But is she right? “Fascinating stuff in yesterday’s Mail from paediatric neurologist Dr Richard Saul, who argues in a new book that Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is wildly over-diagnosed and that thousands of children are being identified as victims and […]

Kids Who Fidget and Move – And What To Do About It !

Well I know I’ve said it  with a smile to kids in my class when I was a teacher ” Oooh have you got ants in your pants today?” Frequently children get into trouble at home and in school because they move too much. They fidget, fall off chairs, or leave their seats when they are […]

Parenting Special Needs Magazine FREE Subscription

Parenting Special Needs Magazine FREE Subscription. http://parentingspecialneeds.org/currentissue Click on cover to register this excellent magazine helps parents navigate the uncharted waters of raising a special needs child. It provides practical tips, shares life’s lessons, tackles the challenges and celebrates the joys of one of life’s greatest gifts. Covering all ages and stages of guiding children/Individuals […]

19 Special Needs News Stories and Blog Posts from the past week

I enjoy exploring the world of Twitter and I discovered Among Friends which is a one stop portal into the world of people with special needs and the people who love them. You’ll hear from parents, siblings, volunteers, supporters, and even those with special needs themselves. Every Sunday, they select the week’s big special needs stories […]