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Tonight on our Parenting Round Up we discuss:

Ant McPartlin ‘drink drive’ crash. blames ‘pill pushing parents’ of kids with ADHD for killing creativity.

Grammy award winning artist is blaming ‘pill pushing’ parents of children with ADHD for “destroying potential”.

The Voice judge and pop star suffered from the disorder as a child, and he told Event magazine he’s relieved his mother never made him take Ritalin – the drug commonly prescribed in the US for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Young girls who use social media are more likely to be depressed than boys:  –  do you think that addiction to social media is probably inevitable, but what age should kids be getting on theses sites?

Parents who defend their children online and model bullying behaviour  – is there hypocrisy in trying to prohibit your kids use of social media? This is quite a shocking story…… 

61% of parents use social media to keep tabs on their kids: 
 – its so easy to know what your kids are up to, but is it healthy for your relationship to keep track of them?

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